American candy

Have you been to America recently and do you want to get that feeling back? We offer an American candy assortment where we go back to the best candy in America. Enjoy the real classic, the Herhey’s bars, on the couch. Or order a real American drink, the American Ice Tea, Arizona.
The American candy experience

With the American drinks and the real American candy you imagine yourself in America again. America stands for candy, extreme, but also classics, above all it is very tasty!
Which American candy will you buy?

Is it the famous Twizzlers, Sour Patch or Herhey’s chocolate or are you a real Jolly Racher fan. With the American candy products from MrSnoep you can bring America back into your home. Order the tastiest American candy quickly and easily now.
Delicious sweets for everyone

Are you looking for something different? Then Mr Snoep offers even more foreign candy, such as English candy, Japanese candy, Dutch candy, Spanish candy and Swedish candy,

Mr Snoep is the online candy store for everyone. In addition to foreign sweets, you can also find savory snacks or drinks. MrSnoep thinks of everyone and therefore has a wide range of candy with allergy-free candy. There is vegan, sugar-free, lactose-free and halal candy. Which candy is your favourite?