In addition to delicious sweets, Mr Snoep also offers a range of soft drinks. Delicious drinks from across the border, from America for the ultimate taste experience. Currently Mr Snoep offers two varieties: Calypso, Monster and Bro ICE. They are all highly recommended! Choose your favorite flavor and experience the experience.

Mr Snoep is the online candy store for everyone. In addition to Dutch candy, there is also candy from many other countries. Such as American candy, English candy, Japanese candy, Spanish candy and Swedish candy. Or is there theme candy. This way you have the most delicious candy for every occasion! Don’t like all that sweetness? Then choose delicious savoury snacks. MrSnoep thinks of everyone and therefore has a wide range of candy with allergy-free candy. There is vegan, sugar-free, lactose-free and halal candy. Which candy is your favourite?